It’s kind of funny sometimes when you miss something and you wonder when you will see it again. In my case it was the little Vertex ‘V’ avatar.

I wanted him back and I wanted to run this awesome team again. In the [almost] 3 years that I have played TF2 on and off, there has never been more fun for me than in Team Vertex. It’s an organisation that is very close to my heart, bearing in mind I was an original founding member and leader to many during the 2 years we existed, prior to taking a break in early 2011.

Just before Christmas last year, I left my all-English team (St.George) after we had some line-up/motivation issues and it became clear that the team wasn’t moving in the sort of direction that I would have liked. It was great fun to have a full English team and it certainly made going to LAN a lot easier!! Anyway, come December I was talking with Pledge and discussing some options for the future and we both felt it would be great if we could put together a team and play under the Vertex name again. I took this as a challenge and went to find a team…

It started off with contacting some of our old team-mates and seeing who was still playing, if any of them were available or could I persuade them out of retirement. After speaking to half a dozen people, it became clear that many of our well-loved team-mates from previous Vertex sides, just weren’t going to be available as they were in a team already or more likely, had left the game and actually found a life for themselves. Thankfully, there was one person who was excited by the idea of playing again and I was absolutely delighted to have him back in our team to play with. That person was our bacon deluxe eating friend, Dusty… a modern Danish hero.

So then we moved into 2012 and after a good Christmas/New Year break, it was time to put together a team that was worthy of playing under the Vertex name. I had been playing quite a few mixes in the weeks before Christmas (up till 20th December when I went to Holland to see Pledge) and then after New Year when I was back from staying with some family. In these mixes there were a few stand-out players, in particular a couple of English soldiers who I felt showed some promise and a lot of potential. Looking for soldiers based in the UK was something of a priority on my ‘shopping list’ as it would make it a lot easier for our team to attend a LAN. Given that the majority of LANs have faded away for TF2, it looks like one of the UK-based Multiplay events are the only ones that the majority of the community will attend now…making i46 in August 2012, a key LAN for TF2. So, having trialled the soldiers that we were looking at over a couple of days, I took an instinctive snap decision to recruit them and go for it. Thus Dendocror and Sideshow were welcomed into the team!

The role of medic is always a challenging one to fill in a team. You need to find a medic who has the right mix of a good attitude and a solid work rate. Someone that is not easily enraged but also someone who can be firm at the best of times. I’m going to be brutally honest and say that in terms of who I picked as a medic, I recognised I was taking a bit of a gamble. Sparky hasn’t played above Division 4 level competitively but I felt that there was enough potential shown for her to be a shrewd time investment on our part. Having met her in Holland before Christmas, I found her to be charming, attentive and a fun person who doesn't like doctor games club. One of the biggest benefits that we possess, is the medic experience of Pledge. He is a very solid player and has a wealth of experience both as a medic and as a main-caller. I felt that we could impart some of this experience on Sparky and train her as we went along.

Finally, I got greedy. I’ll admit it, I’m a sucker for awesome people. I played with Mr. G in approximately 15–20 mixes over the festive period and found him to be an extremely enthusiastic player who was a very quick learner. He has dedicated a lot of time to practice, putting pretty much all of our team to shame, as he played MGE for three hours EVERY day over Christmas He laso liked friv games at This has led him to becoming a very versatile player who can think fast on his feet and already possesses a very solid aim. With some more tactical/positioning work and understanding of the scout meta-game, I personally believe that Mr. G will go far in this game and I fully expect him to play at a higher level in the near future. Hopefully with us when we get promoted!

We’ve been together now for around 2 weeks and it has been an absolute pleasure to play so far. The attitude has been almost impeccable and barring a few minor issues, we already look like we’re forming a very solid line-up. I’m very excited for the future and I look forward to every game that I get to play with all of the above wonderful people!

Team in full:

Matt ‘d2m’ Davies - scout/sniper
Patrick ‘The Pledge’ Fuchs - scout/medic
Gazza ‘Mr. G’ Biddell - scout/medic
Benjamin ‘Dusty’ Rask - demo
Mitchell ‘Dendocror’ Woolley - soldier/demo
Josh ‘Sideshow’ Wilkinson- soldier
Laura ‘Sparky’ Bouman - medic


Finally guys, remember…. who am I?